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This blog, as you know, is created to be the memorandum of my English learning development. So this is a little about my background.


I’m Korrapat Thanawattanamongkol. Now I’m a senior student at the faculty of education, Chulalongkorn University. As for my learning English experience, I studied English since I was young, but I never thought or realized the importance of English because I rarely had the opportunity to use it. I studied English as the subject required in school, not because of my own intuition to study. Until one day when I was in high school, I started to be interested in English and began to study it seriously.


I would say that my first motivation of studying English came from RPG game. RPG game is the role playing game which allows a player to control the main character freely to do anything in the game’s world. It contains a long story like reading a novel with an interesting suspense and a creative storyline, but the story will be run by the player. As the story goes, the suspense will be created and the story will be more complicated and the player needs to find the information in game by listening to the conversation, reading the sign or whatever to accomplish the game.


It was so irritating unable to understand what the main characters in game are talking about and I neither get the direction to get through the game. Information in game is very important and I need to collect them by talking with the people characters in games. If I can’t understand what they said, then it’s the end. So I had the motivation to study English since then. I bought the English grammar structure book and read it myself. Then I got the vocabulary from the conversation in games. Each time when I found vocabulary I don’t know, I will note it down and find its definition in the dictionary later. I can say that my reading skill, including the knowledge about vocabulary has been improved because of games and this is the most strength skill I have.


As for listening and speaking skill, I started to listen to the international song when I was in grade 3. In my class, anyone who can sing in English would be praised as “cool” and this was my crazy motivation at that time. I still remembered it was the famous boy band “Backstreet Boys”. I liked their songs pretty much and I wanted to sing a song as the original, so I listened, tried to pronounce and wrote the lyrics down. Even in some parts I was unable to catch, I jot it down as karaoke. I didn’t care because all I want is just to pronounce correctly. So I tried to listen to music and imitate it a lot. ^ ^ …now I think listening is one of my weakest skills. Many times I couldn’t catch or understand if the native speakers are talking too fast or they speaks others accent unless American accent. So this is the skill that I should improve. 


As for my writing skill, I hardly had an opportunity to practice writing when I was in high school. All I did is just learning about grammar structure and making sentences. I started to practice writing seriously when I entered the university. There were many subjects that automatically forced me to write and my writing skill has been improved a lot. Now I felt tired of my writing style and I want to change it. I felt that I used the same old vocabulary and need to know more vocabulary to cut off the redundant. 


In these two semesters, I decide to improve my listening skill and my knowledge of vocabulary to improve my writing. And about my self-study plan, I have to find the most effective way and come up with the best way of learning soon.





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เอ้าๆ มีบล็อกกันหญ่ายเชียวนะ
ทำไมเล่น RPG ไม่เข้าใจ แล้วแกไม่คิดจะเรียนญี่ปุ่นล่ะ?
open-mounthed smile

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อ่านแล้วอยากเล่น RPG game จัง

และแล้วเอกนี้ก็เลียนแบบเอก เทคโน...สังคมbig smile

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ต่อจากเอกเทคโน เอกสังคม เอกอิงค์ก็มีบลอคกะเขามั่งแล้วนิ

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