Self-Study Plan

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Self-Study Plan 

Goal: to improve listening skill and vocabulary in order to improve my writing ability.


The length of self development: within semester


 Learning technique

Finally I have come up with my study plan. I decide to learn new vocabulary and practice listening by watching the movies. It’s the good way of practice listening because I can listen to the real accent, including intonation, and word stress. Conversation in the movie is real, natural, and speak with the natural speed; therefore, media as movies can be the good way of learning language.

 Another way of my learning vocabulary is I’ll set a schedule of playing RPG game. I choose this way of practicing vocabulary because, as playing, I can see the dialogue, or conversation in text, and the characters in games speak what the dialogue shown as well. So, I have both visual aid and sound aid to help me practice listening and vocabulary. Moreover I can have a time to take note because the dialogue won’t disappear unless I click the button to the next sentence. 



For the movies, I can rent DVD or VCD from movie rental shop not far from my house. Of course, they must be soundtrack only and I will take a look twice. The first time I’ll watch the movie without sub-title and tried to listen to the movie solo. Then, I will evaluate myself how much I can understand the conversation in the movie. Then I will see the movie for the second time with sub-title and correct the point where I couldn’t catch the sentences. However, each movie takes time about two hours and it’s not possible to watch the movies everyday. So I set my learning plan that I will have to see the movie at least two stories a week. Or I will just set the movie series from United States such as the series “Desperate HouseAwife” and watch it continuously. The names of the expected movie to see are not exactly specified. 

For the game, I can play games at home when I have free time. As playing, I can see the dialogue, or conversation. I can take note on the vocabulary or expressions that I don’t know, check with the dictionary and then I’ll share it in this blog to everyone. I will try to note down the vocabulary in full sentences to see how to use that word. The game chosen to help me in learning will be well-selected. As the criteria for choosing games, I will see if they are complete with text dialogue, speaking sound, and interesting story. I will set the length of time to finish the game within the semester.  This is the list of the game I choose to play.


1. .Hack// G.U. vol.1 (rebirth)

2. Grandia X treme

3. Tales of the Abyss


So my schedule will be like this…



This may be just a rough and first-time study plan. I will never know whether it will work well or not unless I try it once. It can be readjusted to suit my life-schedule in the future, or if I see some flaws in plan, I will readjust it to make the plan better for my learning. 




I'm glad you chose to learn English from two things you think you will enjoy. I think it's the best way to integrate your hobby with your learning.

Enjoy learning!

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one thing I forgot to tell you that your logo comes from Burberry logo isn't it?

#2 By -*- Kengki -*- on 2007-11-23 16:18

Hi guy!

I am here to check out your learning blog!

That's good for you to learn English thru media. I also love it as well. May be we can share it together.

For Desparate Housewiives, I am watching the Season 3 of this series right now. Don't you think it is fun to see the human humiliation. I am so ashamed of human raced but it's worth watching. I do love this series 55+

Bree is my favourite character if you happened to know her.

Hope you'll love your way of studying.



#1 By -*- Kengki -*- on 2007-11-21 10:38