Week 1

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Week 1 

According to self study plan, this previous week was my first week of self learning. I have already begun following my plan, playing games, on Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday I had planned to watch some movies, but the plan went wrong since I went to the Loy Kratong Festival on Saturday and came back on Sunday afternoon; therefore, I wouldn’t have any opportunity to go out for a movie rental shop. Instead I turned on my video game. I started to play game on Sunday, with a notebook and a pencil to jot down vocabulary and some expressions appeared in the conversation. The first game I chose to play was “Grandia Xtreme”. I spent time playing almost 4 hours and these are words and expressions I think it’s interesting and useful.


A little bit about game, the player will play the character as the boy, namely Evann, who is a swordsman in town known as a “Ranger”. One day he is called to help the army investigate the usual phenomena occurred, like volcano eruption or earthquake, called Elemental Disorder. The world is in grave damage from these phenomena and the government needs to do something fast to prevent any further destructions. Evann is involuntary to serve the army in this mission, but he has no way to refuse the order. The Elemental Disorder has been found that it’s centered in the 4 ruins which are fire ruin, water ruin, gale ruin, and earth ruin. So, he has to go and find out what has happened to this world.




1. Green Sissy

Sentence Found:  I have no idea why they inform a green sissy  like you.

Meaning: Sissy, this word is kind of insulting a boy who is such a weak and coward. In another context, it also means a boy who is interested in girl’s activities. Green here means like “not experienced or not trained”, also sounds looking down on someone.


2. Self-righteous pig

Sentence Found:  That’s self-righteous pig!

Meaning: self-righteous means when you beliieve that your ideas and behavior are morally better than those other people. For example, he thinks he’d never done anything wrong in his life = he is so self-righteous! Pig The word Pig here is informal. It means to someone who is hard to deal with or someone you feel dislike or unpleasant.  


3. Spooky

Sentence Found: You’re kind of spooky, Evann.

Meaning: Spooky mean strange or frightening.


 4. Backbone

Sentence Found: You’ve got definitely a backbone.

Meaning: First I thought it’d mean a kind of lazy person, but I got it all wrong. Backbone means bravery or strength of one’s person. For example, will you have a backbone to tell him what you think? 


5. Dimwit

Sentence Found: Dimwit!

Meaning: In dictionary, dimwit means a stupid person. I never have heard this word before. Though it would be very informal or use in specific group only.


6. Mere, a quirk of

Sentence Found: The army’s investigation revealed that, contrary to rumor, the elemental disorder was no mere a quirk of nature.

Meaning: The word "Mere" is used to emplasize that something is not large or important, for example, it cost a mere twenty dollars. The mere thought of it makes me feel ill. “Quirk” means something strange or unexpected. Quirk can be in form “a quirk of” to describe something unexpected, the same as the word “unexpectedly”. For example, By some strange quirk/By an odd quirk of fate(=unexpectedly), we ended up on the same train.


7. Spearheading

Sentence Found: The Colonel is personally spearheading the plan to neutralize the elemental disorder under his self-sacrificing leadership.

Meaning: Spearhead means to lead something such a attack or a course of action. So, this sentence means that Colonel is the head and centered person who will launch the plan. It also means the form of the troop when sets a position and prepares to launch an attack: Spearhead form.


8. Cut out someone

Sentence Found: I’m not cut out to be a leader.

Meaning: Cut out can be used in many situations and has a lot of meanings depending on the sentence. Here it means “not included”


9. Twerp, Whiny

Sentence Found: Hey! Don’t listen to this twerp’s whiny speaking voice

Meaning: Twerp is an old-fashioned, used to call a boy who normally is stupid or used to look down on someone. Whiny means when you make a high-pitched sound of dissatisfaction, like complaining or yelling and it’s unpleasant for anyone around to hear that.



1. What did I get myself into?

This sentence I found in the situation when they were trying to find the group’s leader, and Evann has been selected involuntarily. When the meeting was over, he spoke to himself “What did I get myself into?”  It’s like when you don’t intend to involve with the activity or in difficult situations, but you’ve become involved in that already. 


2. Catch you later.

The character says when leaving. It’s the same meaning as “see you later” but more informal.


3. They write me out of the blue.

Out of the blue means when you don’t think anything and something happens unexpectedly. In this sentence, Evann doesn’t expect to receive the letter from the army, but they sent him one. So he says “they write me out of the blue


For the speaking sound in game, I find it easy to understand what the character says since there are texts shown on screen. But there are some scenes without texts and I understand what they intend to say, however, I couldn’t catch all the word they say. So, I think I’m kind of more visual person than auditary. I will carry on my work and try to adapt myself to fit the already-set schedule…eh I’m thinking if I should put on the picture of my game here. Well, it can be edited ^ ^… Catch you later!



Credit: Cambridge Doctionay Online 

Image from: http://media.ps2.ign.com  




I'm wondering if you can think of a way to incorporate these computer games into your course design. It will be very interesting to integrate some fun things like this with English learning.

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