Week 2

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Week 2



On the last Sunday, I got a chance to see the movie “Beowulf” the monster slayer. Well, it was totally different than I’d imagined. This is one of good epic movies, some kind of mythologies or legendary. Even it’s not too interesting as the famous one like the Lord of the Rings, it’s worth seeing. Anyway, the scenery was quite gentle and beautiful like we were seeing pastel paintings in churches, but not for monsters that remain their ugliness and fearsome still. Grendel, the half-human ugly monster, or the gold dragon represented the badness of human. These monsters were created because of human themselves. Such greed, desire, temptation and sin were the causes that bring destruction to land. If we were critical enough to see and analyze the movie’s plot, you would notice that there are something more than just a mere exciting battle scene hidden in the plot. Well, I won’t spoil more than this for some who may want to see by themselves ^ ^.



For my practicing listening skill, I tried to watch the movie without looking at subtitle, but I found it’s very hard to understand. Because of its language which is rather old-fashioned and odd English, I wouldn’t get it at the first half or story. As I was continuing seeing the movies, I realized that I automatically understood about 70% of what the characters said. I thought I was wrong since I’d made up my mind to watch this movie. I might have chosen some easier and understandable movies, but it’s ok anyway. Just an experience I’ve learned from mistake. Well, I still wonder how to evaluate the listening skill in the concrete way since it’s a receptive one. I’m the one who know the best what I’ve got from this and it’s only me who can evaluate myself; therefore, I’d be very appreciated if you’d give me a suggestion. Always be welcome for comment.


For the game Grandia Xtreme, I ran the story until I’ve neutralized the gale ruin which is the last center of Elemental disorder. These are some interesting vocabulary I’ve found.



1. Self-delusion

Sentence Found:  it was all self-delusion.

Meaning: self-delusion means you put yourselves to believe something that is not true. Actually you may know that it’s impossible to be true, but you still force yourself to insist of what you believe.  For example, it’s self-delusion if he thinks he’ll be loved by that woman.


2. Jumpy

Sentence Found: You seem a little jumpy.

Meaning: Jumpy is informal word which means nervousness and anxiousness especially because of fear or guilty. For example, my mother gets very jumpy when she’s alone in the house.


3. Complacent

Sentence Found:  it’s true we are no longer suffer from Disorder, we mustn’t be complacent.

Meaning: complacent means feeling so satisfied with your own abilities or situations you feel you do not need to try any harder.


4. Galvanize

Sentence Found:  He told us that we galvanized the army.

Meaning: galvanize(US), or galvanise(UK) means when causing someone to take action suddenly, especially by shocking or exciting them in some ways. For example, Western charities were galvanized by TV pictures of starving people.


5. Quaint

Sentence Found:  Has it really changed that much? It’s still a quaint little town.

Meaning: quaint means attractive because of being unusual and old-fashioned. In another context, quaint also can be used to show that you do not approve something, especially an opinion, belief or way of behaving. For example, what a quaint idea!


6. Contingency

Sentence Found:  it would seem this place has planned for every contingency.

Meaning: contingency means something that might possibly happen in the future, usually causing problems or making further arrangements necessary. For example, you must be possible to deal with all possible contingencies.


Enough for now, just a little delay updating my blog.




i see beautiful dialogue from this movie that you've reviewed!

thumbs up !!double wink

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I have already watched Beowulf. I like it. Worth seeing!! I hate the monster. It always makes a irritating sound. I mean it has very high-pitched sound in the movie.

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