Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences


Multiple Intelligence (MI) is a set of functions that can be developed and expanded and that consists of skills for

1. resolving genuine problems or difficulties

2. finding or creating problems (Gardner, 1993)  


The theories of Multiple Intelligences are normally used to explain the differences of people in learning styles and skills. Also MI are the approaches learners use to match their learning styles which theoretically devided into 8 intelligences: Verbal/Linguistic, Musical, Kinesthetic/Bodily, Spatial/Visual, Logical/Mathematical, Naturalists, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. Of course, MI can be developped and this is the activity I think it could help students improve their overall MI. 


Activity: content connected to your life. This content-based activity will integrate the social study onto the English class.


Objective: Ss will be able to point out the environmental problems nowadays and tell the causes of environmental problems. Then Ss can tell how we can help to prevent environmental problems getting worse.


Level: Senior high school (M.5-6)


Time: 3 hours or more



  1. Teacher prepares the content about environments and integrates it in the English class.
  2. Teacher teaches Ss about environment and raises students’ awareness about environmental problems nowadays.
  3. Teacher separates Ss in groups and let them discuss or share about environmental problem they have experienced.
  4. Each group has to make a chart, or mind map to show their understanding about the environmental problems both causes and effects and then present in front of the class. 
  5. Teacher assigns students to go back and pay attention to the environmental problem occurring in their real life; in their houses or communities, and then let them write the reflection of what they’ve seen.
  6. The reflections of students will be categorized students having the similar or related problems in groups.
  7.  Teacher assigns Ss to make a poster which helps raising people’s awareness about environmental problems.
  8. Students bring the poster they’ve made to many places in order to promote environmental problems in real life and also raise awareness of the community to help prevent any further environmental problems.
  9. Teacher evaluates students.


  1. Harmony: observing when Students work in group if they have a good cooperation.
  2. Language: observing whether students use English to communicate in class discussion and are able to use environment problem terminology.
  3. Performance: observing the student’s performance and behavior during working in group.
  4. Products: Self-refection, Chart, and Poster 

 Multiple Intelligences   

œ Linguistic                                        Use English as medium of communication and 

                                                                learn the terms of environmental problems


œ Interpersonal                                 Work as a team


œ Intrapersonal                                 Write the refection about environmental problem


œ Kinesthetic                                      Learn the activity actively with movements


œ Visual/Spatial                               Make a chart and poster


œ Naturalist                                         Learn from experiences and the real situation


œ Logic/Mathematic                        Make a chart of cause and effect.



  1. To rate the score or make the evaluation, balance between process and products is very crucial. We can set the rubric score to help evaluating the process and products by using the scale 60:40 or 50:50 as we see it suitable.    
  2. In the process of choosing a topic to teach, teacher should make a survey on student’s interest and opinion. For example, I’d like to integrate the social study into English content. As we know that social study is too broad and hard to narrow, so I can scope or focus on one interesting topic that student’s interest. Making tally is one of the good techniques that helps to find the most interesting topic to teach.   




Thank you for sharing this information. The information was very helpful and saved a lot of my time.

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