Week 4

posted on 25 Dec 2007 19:24 by anixwyvern in Dev-Eng-Skll

Week 4 

First, sorry for a very delay. My schedule in this time is very tight. Within these two weeks, I rarely had a chance to watch the movie and I had NO chance to play games at all. In the 4th week, I admit that I have a poor time management. Then I would like to combine movies I’ve watched in these two weeks together, and I will try to update the 5th week as quickly as I can.


In these two weeks, I had a chance to see only two movies. The first one is “National treasure, the book of secret”. And another one is “Alvin and Chipmunks” in the theater. I’d like to review about the National Treasure first.



Many would have seen the first episode of this movie before and this is the next episode. In my opinion, I can say that this episode is as good as the first one, may be better! The movie still stays in the concept of puzzle-solving adventure that the protagonist, Ben, has to decipher many things in order to reach the treasure. The story began with Ben in the auditorium, making a speech about Hero of the century, who actually is his grandparents. Accidentally someone in the auditorium objected him with the evidence and it turned out vice versa. His grandparents was accused of the traitor. And he had to try to prove that his grandparents’s innocent and faded away the bad reputation of his grandparents.


Unexpectedly, as searching for proofs to help his grandparents, Ben found that his grandparents had something to do with the lost city of ancient Aztec, or another name was “the city of gold”. According to the myth, this city has been concealing in dust for over 500 years and no one had ever discovered it. This is the adventure that Ben has to breakthrough!! The new adventure begins!!!



For the listening skill, I found that I understood the context more than ever. I assumed that because of the story’s influence that attracted my full attention and stuck me in the story. I was excited and couldn’t let my eyes off the screen. It’s like doing a meditation I guess. The characters’ accent is American’s and it’s much easier for me to understand. There were many sentences I couldn’t catch, but it didn’t really matter for me because I knew that I can understand the story well. For this movie I evaluate myself of understanding the listening skill about 80% or more.


For Ajarn Lady question, what did I do when I didn’t understand the dialogues?,

As I’ve mentioned before, I couldn’t catch all context that the characters say. Therefore, I have to use my discourse strategy to help me understand. Since I didn’t rely on my listening only, visual aid played a crucial role of helping me to comprehend the story. Such action, gesture, situation and personal characteristic, I can interpret these to language. The facial expression shown by the actors also helped me a lot in watching movie. So, “Not be able to catch it all” doesn’t mean that I didn’t get anything, but what I got is limited.


Subtitle is another thing that helps me a lot when seeing the movie. When I know that I couldn’t catch, I quickly see the subtitle as a hint so that I wouldn’t get lost and can catch up the story. Anyway I will update later. You are pleased to leave the question here if you have any doubts, I will answer via comment.