Week 5

posted on 02 Jan 2008 00:58 by anixwyvern in Dev-Eng-Skll

Week 5 

As I promised that I will update as fast as I could, here I am. This week I went to CentralWorld and watched some unexpected interesting movies. Not only purpose for practice listening, I really want to share it to everyone. The movies I’ve seen were “I am Legend”



As for “I am Legend”, actually I watched this movie by chance. I didn’t have any intention to see this movie at all, but my friends asked me to accompany them. Well, as you know, I couldn’t refuse.


Before watching this movie, have you ever asked yourselves what you will do if you were the last human in the world? If you have no idea still, I recommend you to see this movie. The setting of the movie is in the States, NY City. The first half of story shows the diary life of Robert Neville, a man who lives alone with his dog, Sam, (I heard he called him Samantha) in the abandoned city. He always goes out with a gun in his hand. No one knows the reason why he has to be alone, what happened to the city or is he the last survival in this town? Here creates suspense and the audience needs to find out later what had happened.


The next paragraph will be spoiled. Anyone who wants to taste the movie themselves, I suggest don’t read even a single word. Just skip to further next paragraph.



Back to a few years ago, New York City was in chaos. There was an order to migrate people from NY to another safer area because of virus experimental breakdown. Townspeople who infected by the human-made bio virus will turn into Zombie, as the Robert called them “Darkseeker”. These zombies can stay only in dark, their skin will be burnt and die of exposure if they are under the sun. So, Robert could go out to explore the city in the afternoon, but after sunset he had to live with fear and shelter himself in the house with full security. He was only 1% of all people who has a special immunity to this virus, so he wasn’t infected and he survived. Robert was the colonel of US army and he also got degree in doctor. Each day he lived with hope that he could create the resistant vaccine to turn infected people back to normal. His life was at risk. He had to get himself into danger to catch Darkseeker for experiment. And each day seemed to get worse and worse. He had no hope, vaccine experiment wasn’t success, living in fear with no one. Being in menace town alone put him into hopelessness and fear. He had to sustain human emotion by talking with the doll. His life carried on like this everyday. Well, I won’t spoil more than this. If you want to know how he can survive from the situation and what the ending of these is, you have to find out by yourselves.              

I didn’t expect “I am Legend” that much. I thought it’s just another action thriller movie in this kind of categories, but I’ve changed my mind as watching just the first beginning of the story. This movie really plays with human’s emotions and the tension in the movie can make me sick! It squeezes audience’s heart and I was tired of seeing this movie. It’s no joke. It’s really tired. I can feel my heart beating fast, and I was very excited. I couldn’t drive a car back home because I wasn’t in condition to be able to drive. I like that the movie’s character is like another ordinary human not a hero with a superhero’s power. He is feared, struggling, and emotional. Just think if I were in his shoes, I would have been insane for sure. I could say that I’ve watched all Zombie movies such as Resident Evil and others, but none of these can affect my emotion like this one. So, I think this is the one of movies around these years that makes me thrill most.



For listening skill, this movie is very easy one to understand. Some would say that it’s action, so it’s no much talking. I can say that this is not full-action movie. It’s not Bang! Bang! shooting and then keeping silent. There is more describing and telling the story, or even talking to himself. Will Smith, act as Robert, speaks very clear accent, though he is Black. He was not talking too fast to catch, and most of his sentences weren’t too long to catch. I have my favorite sentences when he was talking about Bob Marley “Bad people will never stop even a day, so how could I stop. This is a light in the dark” I evaluate my understanding of listening skill from this movie about 70 – 80%